The Creatine Report

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Creatine’s Usage in Sport, Health and Anti-Aging:



Part I
What is creatine?
How does creatine work?

Part 2
Creatine and Sarcopenia
Eects of creatine on older adults
The secret of aging: cellular energetics
Anti-inammatory eects of creatine
Creatine eects on the function of healthy and damaged brains.
Creatine and the healthy brain
Creatine and neuromuscular diseases
More brain related research: Creatine and neurological protection
Creatine and heart function

Part 3
Eects on Growth Hormone (GH)
Creatine may reduce homocysteine levels
Creatine and chronic fatigue/bromyalgia
Creatine safety issues: fact or ction?

Part 4

Recommended doses
To load or not to load
Creatine and athletics
The creatine and sugar story
Pre made creatine/sugar mixtures
Purity issues
So who sells Creapure brand creatine?

Brink’s Body Building System
Fat Loss Revealed

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