Are You Man Enough For More Pleasure?

Most men just accept that as they get older, their sex life will decline.

I personally think that attitude is garbage.

It’s a convenient way to let yourself off the hook for not taking action to make your life better.

If you want more pleasure…

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Paint Her Face Formula: 17 Natural Semen Enhancing Juice recipes
Any man at any age can enjoy longer, more intense and more satisfying orgasms.

And while most “experts” are selling you fuzzy, mystical solutions like tantric techniques or breathing exercises that take years to master and have no proven benefits…

My friend Olivier accidentally stumbled onto a way to 10x his love life and have better, more pleasurable sex at 41 than he had at 25…

It all has to do with boosting your semen levels

I know, it sounds weird… it might even sound raunchy…

But It Works!

See, the muscles and nerves that control orgasm and the muscles and nerves that control release are very closely connected.

Tantric techniques are designed to help men separate these two with exercises.

But this approach has 2 problems:

1. The intensity of pleasure is reduced (only by releasing do you stimulate all the neurons that control pleasure)…

2. It can take years for a man to gain enough control over his equipment to actually extend orgasms in this way.

The solution:

More semen.

Here’s the skinny… When you produce more semen you actually signal a longer and more intense release because your body has to trigger more intense contractions to shoot out the extra fluid.

So you end up coming for longer…

Plus, you get more testosterone, more sex drive, more energy, and reduce your risk for heart attacks, strokes and diabetes.

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Paint Her Face Formula: 17 Natural Semen Enhancing Juice recipes
You’ll be glad you did.

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