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Bodybuilding Revealed ProgramAre you struggling to build muscle? This program might be the solution you’re looking for!

The Bodybuilding Revealed (BBR) system, created by Will Brink, has separate and specific programs for beginner, intermediate and advanced bodybuilders. The beginner workouts are ideal for developing a good foundation for preparing the body for more advanced levels in the least amount of time.

For those of you who have been training stradily for at least 6 months, the intermediate programs will show you the proper way to set body-part splits. This will improve the efficiency of your training and shorten your time in the gym, while reducing the potential for injury and over-exertion issues that are often lacking in badly-designed programs.

Lastly, the advanced programs will cover the real science of resistance training, something that few people ever learn – and why many fail to make progess. Those who do not learn these concepts and apply them are doomed to disappointing results in the gym.

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1. The “Inner Circle”

As a member of the Bodybuilding Revealed community, you will receive instant access to the Inner Circle community zone where Will and his team of professional advisors will be on hand to answer any questions you have. No more getting stuck and not knowing what to do! No more unreliable e-mail support, where you rarely get hold of the author!

BBR Inner Circle

You’ll also get instant access to the Knowledgebase – over 10,000 pages, all neatly organized and easy to find.

Experience has shown that no matter how excellent a bodybuilding program is, fewer than 10 per cent of people actually stick with it until they get the results they wanted. The reasons are typically information overload, they can’t “go it alone”, they can’t set goals and stick to them; in short – they lack social support.

You won’t find only the Community Zone in the Inner Circle; you’ll also find hundreds of pages of useful information on every topic you can imagine that relates to bodybuilding, weight loss, fitness, supplements, nutrition and so on.

2. The “BodyBuilding Revealed” E-Book

The Bodybuilding Revealed e-book is a 632-page gold mine of bodybuilding information. Opening the e-book, you will find a highly-detailed Table of Contents on the left-hand side, giving you quick and easy navigation through the topics.

Some top experts in the field of bodybuilding have made contributions, including Charles Poliquin, top authority in the science of training, who covers the Advanced Training section. He straight-forwardly sets out how to design your program so that you build solid muscle mass without wasting time.

Charles Poliquin

Dr. Evan Peck, rehabilitation and physical science expert, covers muscle soreness and injuries, and how to overcome training plateaus.

Chapter 1 – This chapter covers muscle-building nutrition in minute detail. Will shatters myths with scientific proof to support his points – for example, does protein really damage your kidneys and does eating fat actually make you fat?

Chapter 2 – Here Will shows you how to design your muscle-building diet. By the end of this chapter you will know precisely what foods you should eat, what quantities of each and when you should eat, in order to get the best gains in muscle mass. You will actually be surprised to discover how easy it is to formulate a diet for muscle mass gains!

Chapter 3 – There are some very inportant topics covered here which are often overlooked: how to prepare meals in advance so that you don’t deviate from your nutrition program, the correct way to shop for food items, what kitchen tools you can’t do without, how to manage your meals when you’re away from home and how to track your food intake.

You will have access to a food tracker in the Members’ area which will help you log the amount of nutrients that you consume daily.

Chapter 4 – Here you will learn how to track your progress. You will receive practical advice from people who have successfully followed the program.

Chapter 5Bodybuilding supplements. The amount of information in this chapter is staggering and is likely to save you a lot of money. Every supplement on the market is comprehensively covered; Will explains whether it would be wise to include the supplement in your training regimen or not.

Many supplements do not live up to their promises and the good ones often have their merits exaggerated. Working through this chapter you will discover which ones work, to what degree they are effective and what results you can expect. Once you are armed with this information you will no longer be unsure about bodybuilding supplements!

Subsequent chapters deal with the science of training, again in minute detail. The knowledge you will gain from this part of the book will put you light-years ahead of your gym mates (and most likely your personal trainers, too!).

Even well-experienced bodybuilders would be able to gain some new knowledge that they can immediately start putting into action.

Lee Labrada

  3. The Nutrition Manual

The guidelines in this section of the program will take all the guess work out of your bodybuilding nutrition. Having the essential information you need to get the muscle-building results you want is priceless but a hands-on guilde that tells you exactly what to buy is even better. There is no guess-work here; this guide makes your shopping a breeze and will perfectly complement your muscle-building diet plan.

4. The Supplements Manual

BBR Supplements Manual This section can potentially save you years of wasted time and a great deal of money on ineffective supplements. Hundreds of brand names are reviewed in the Members’ area and more than 80 individual ingredients.

You will get to fully understand what works and what’s trash, without any marketing hype. All the basics are covered as well as ingredients used. You’ll be able to read a label and know what is worth using and what’s not.

This section will also show you how to concoct your own supplements. Buying the ingredients and making up your own can often work out less expensive and can guarantee that you’re getting the correct dosage without any filler.

5. The Diet Planner

You can use the Diet Planner with BBR or any other program you may be following. It covers:

  • food tracking and calorie breakdown,
  • shows a graph of your progress,
  • keeps track of your weight etc.,
  • helps you make corrections in your calorie intake, and
  • makes your diet public or private (BBR advisors and other members can help you out with it).

6. Video Database

Do you know how to perform every exercise effectively? Not too sure? That's why the guys at BBR had the video database created, so you can actually watch each exercise being performed by real people - not just animations - and get the most effective results from your workouts.

Pick an exercise from the e-book, read how it's performed and watch how it's done.

 7. Diet Plans, Workout Logs and Printable Wall Charts

These you can access from the Inner Circle download zone. The diet plans have been hard-coded into the Diet Planner software.

It’s very beneficial to keep a log of your progress. With the included Workout Charts, that makes it a lot easier. You’ll also get some progress and measurement charts to hang up in your kitchen to keep you on track.

You Get 2 Bonus Products:

                                      1. Mass-Gaining Training Programs

Mass-Gaining Programs This e-book, which focuses on advanced training, was written especially for BBR members by Charles Poliquin. Charles has written several best-selling books related to bodybuilding, strength and conditioning.

His coaching skills have resulted in hundreds of Olympic medals, wins and personal bests for many of his clients. He’s known worldwide for producing faster, more muscular, stronger athletes.


   2. Build Muscle at Home

Build Muscle at Home Build muscle at home, in your garden or at the office, in your own time and without the need for serious equipment. This system has been developed by Craig Ballantyne for people who can’t get to a gym.

Craig is a contributing author to Men’s Health magazine and a member of the Training Advisory Board for Maximum Fitness and Oxygen magazines.


Final Words

You only live once — and life is too short to spend it struggling to gain lean muscle mass and get lean. Bodybuilding Revealed is a flexible system that ensures you get long-term support and communication coupled with a properly-structured and advised diet, workout, supplementation and motivational program.

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