Exercises That Increase Testosterone

How Does Exercise Boost Testosterone?

Exercises that increase testosterone
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Experienced bodybuilders will tell you there are certain exercises that increase testosterone more than others. Testosterone is the most important hormone for gaining muscle mass and increasing physical strength. Having an adequate supply of this hormone is essential for success in bodybuilding.

There are ways to boost testosterone production if your level is lower than ideal. One of them is by including exercises that increase testosterone in your weight-training program. Let’s discuss some of these:

Cardiovascular Exercises That Increase Testosterone

One way of raising your body’s production of testosterone is by losing excess body fat. Fat deposits encourage the formation of estrogen, a hormone that inhibits the production of testosterone. The body will then more easily accumulate fat, rather than break it down.

Counteract this by regularly performing cardiovascular activities such as running, cycling, swimming, stair-climbing or rowing. These will help keep your body-fat at a low percentage. A 45-minute cardio workout once or twice a week should be sufficient.

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Do Heavy Weight Lifting

Although performing your weight-training workouts with light weights will prolong the endurance of your muscles, this will not do much to raise your testosterone levels.

In order to enhance the release of testosterone into your system, you’ll need to lift heavier weights that will enable you to perform only about 4-6 reps before “muscle failure”. Such heavy lifting will trigger a more abundant release of testosterone as opposed to small amounts from using light weights.

Here’s a workout to increase testosterone:

Compound Exercises that Increase Testosterone

These are exercises that entail using more than one muscle group and mobilizing more than one joint. Compound exercises that would help in the process of boosting testosterone production include bench presses (including close-grip bench press), shoulder press, dead-lifts, squats and rowing.

Olympic Lifts that Increase Testosterone

These are the ultimate power workouts. They are explosive workouts that will trigger the production of testosterone and growth hormones. For example, rather than performing just standard snatch-and-cleans, include several variations of the exercise; this will enhance the release of testosterone in your body.

Deadlift exercises that increase testosterone

Be sure to include front squats, deadlifts, bench press and upright-rowing exercises in your workouts because they will help you maintain correct form and prepare you for Olympic lifts.

Apart from performing exercises that increase testosterone, your workouts should be performed in conjunction with a natural testosterone-boosting supplement such as Testofuel and a healthy nutrition plan that will enhance your muscle-building and improve the production of testosterone.

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