Increase Penis Size With This Little-Known Method

Increase Penis Size

There must be many men who at some time have wished they could increase penis size. No doubt, the majority of them assumed that having a small member was just something they had to live with. Yet, there are those who will do whatever they can to make their size dreams come true.

Inevitably, the first step they take is to visit the Internet to see what penis enlargement methods are being talked about the most.

After all, if people are making a lot of noise about a certain system or technique, it should work, correct? Wrong!

Pills, Extenders and Surgery

Pills, stretching devices and surgical procedures, my word! They can’t increase penis size!

When you research how to increase penis size you will have a choice between three directions to follow. You can:

    • Take pills (drugs) as part of your daily regimen;
    • use a penis extender, or you can
    • go under the knife.

Now let’s examine each of those in turn.

Pill-taking: These typically function by releasing growth hormone into the bloodstream, which causes the body to grow indiscriminately. Indeed, people have managed to increase penis size using pills; however, it comes at a cost. This option can bring with it some really nasty side effects.

One possibility is that you’ll get no results and will have wasted your money. It’s much more likely, however, that you’ll have some serious problems knocking on your door. Male enhancement pills do not have to conform to purity requirements, nor does the FDA need to approve them. (1)

A common side effect of penis enlargement pills is nausea. They are also known to cause headaches, body aches and pains, hearing and sight changes, difficulty urinating, dizziness and digestive disorders. (2)

how to increase size of pennis using hand

Penis Extenders: These are stretching devices that one attaches to the penis to stretch it, thereby making it longer. The theory is that, if they pull the penis for a long-enough period of time, it will gradually extend and thereby increase penis size.

All this sounds wonderful but, sadly, it’s just not possible. Can a basketball player pull his legs to make them grow longer? The same logic applies to your penis.

Surgery: Going under the knife is the worst option. You’d be taking a huge risk with your body and will also be hugely out of pocket. It’s a very expensive procedure and it’s not guaranteed that you’ll get the results you want. Even if you do, it will require at least a month of bed rest – and you’ll need someone’s assistance in going to the bathroom.

And, like it or not, it can be a painful experience if the surgery did not go as planned.

It would be foolish to put yourself through so much stress to increase penis size. There is an alternative method that can add at least 3.5 inches to your girth and 3 inches to your length without any discomfort whatsoever.

It’s called biochemical penis enlargement (BPE).

How BPE Works to Increase Penis Size

Puberty is that confusing chapter in a person’s life when everything changes. Our moods disturb us and even our bodies look alien to us. That’s when a boy’s growth hormone kick-starts a chain that extends through the body.

One of them is that his penis starts to grow:

This chain is composed of nutrients and biochemicals that are active in the body. This ensures that the growth hormone performs its function well. After a certain time, the process of puberty comes to an end. Some of the nutrients and biochemicals will be removed from the chain. They will still be present in the bloodstream but they won’t be active any more – they will now be dormant elements.

Can you see where this is going? You need to reactivate those dormant nutrients!

With the help of BPE – biochemical penis enlargement – you can once again make these nutrients active; hence, you can increase penis size naturally.

What the 3 conventional penis enlargement methods described above fail to mention is that no change can take place unless and until the insides of your body agree with the external products. This is why the BPE method is so successful.

You can’t go wrong with it because it makes perfect sense. It keeps the internal and external resources in perfect harmony. It ensures that you increase penis size without undue stress and sleepless nights.

Are Exercises Necessary to Increase Penis Size?

From time to time you will hear about people claiming that they have had excellent results from using weights and pumps to make the penis bigger; still, the chances are 50-50.

However, once you have completed the BPE treatment, you can perform simple exercises – without pumps and weights to increase penis size. These little exercises will ensure that the biochemicals stay active and remain where they are supposed to exist.

Once the level of biochemicals and nutrients in your body is high enough, your penis size will be able to increase. You won’t be complaining about how rapidly it works!

Girth exercises before and after

Apart from the obvious, the great thing about biochemical penis enlargement is that, once you have mastered the technique, there is no restriction on how many times you need to perform it to get the results you want. Studies show that men have been able to add as much as 4 inches to their size. Who’s to say you can’t be the one to break that record?

As long as you follow the instructions and stick to the approved number of repetitions, you’ll be able to increase penis size in just a few weeks! Typically, it should take you about 9 weeks to attain standard results. The wait shouldn’t matter because your hard work would have paid off in the end.

Increase penis size with this little-known method

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