Low Testosterone Causes for Men

10 low Testosterone Causes for Men

Low testosterone causes men

It’s not only aging and nature that are low testosterone causes. Men nowadays are exposed to a host of other factors that accelerate their testosterone depletion, making them soft, weak and effeminate.

Here are some:

causes of low testosterone1. Soy products – Soy contains compounds (isoflavones) that lower testosterone levels in the body while increasing estrogen. You should avoid all products with soy – soy milk, soy sauce, tofu and the like. They can cause loss of muscle, lack of energy, low libido and whatever else comes with low testosterone.

2. Statins – If you take heart medication, is it a statin drug? Many men take statins to prevent heart attack, stroke, high blood pressure and other cardio-vascular illness. Studies have shown that statins lowered testosterone levels by approximately 0.66 nmol per liter.

3. Plastic containers – Plastics may be hazardous to your health because of a chemical – bisphenol A (BPA) commonly found in food and beverage containers. BPA can leach into the food or drink you’re consuming. Once it enters your bloodstream, it can cause “reproductive toxicities” (Toxicology Letters journal), including decreased testosterone levels.

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4. Diabetes or insulin resistance – Published studies (Journal of Clinical Endocrinology & Metabolism) reveal that 57% of a group of men with Type-2 diabetes had lower free-testosterone levels. Low testosterone is not as common in men with Type-1 diabetes, yet 1 out of 5 men in that group also had reduced levels of free testosterone.

5. Radiation exposure – We’re all aware of the dangers of radiation exposure – it’s now also been shown to reduce testosterone levels. A study-group of men who were receiving beam radiation for prostate cancer were found to have a 17% lowering of testosterone levels within six months.

6. Insufficient sleep – Sleep apnea causes reduced oxygen in the blood; consequently, the pituitary gland cannot signal the testicles to produce testosterone. The result is – low testosterone levels.

7. Too much iron – Iron supplementation might be good for women but for men an over-supply of iron can cause testosterone deficiency.

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Steroid Use

8. Steroid use – We all know that steroids are bad, yet a lot of other men still use them. Avoid them. Studies have again shown that steroids lower testosterone levels in otherwise-healthy men. They can also lower your sperm production and seriously damage your liver. It’s not worth it!

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9. MSG – There are many substances used in manufactured products that contribute to lowering testosterone production. These include chemicals used in plastics and air fresheners. There are also pesticides, mercury, lead and parabens, commonly found in cosmetic producs, including “soap” . Most commercial “soaps” are actually detergents. Use natural, handmade soap instead.

10. Drugs and medications – Some hormone drugs and pain medications can also adversely affect your testosterone production. Check with your pharmacist if you’re unsure.

Low Testosterone Treatment for Men

As you have seen, modern living can contribute to the loss of the vitality and manliness that you long for. With some simple lifestyle adjustments, you can elevate your testosterone levels naturally. A well-planned nutrition and exercise program, combined with a potent, natural testosterone-booster supplement like Prime Male can trigger a healthy flow of testosterone, helping you feel and perform better.

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