Ways to Boost Testosterone Naturally

If you suspect you might have “low T”, there are ways to boost testosterone naturally. Testosterone is the hormone that is responsible for promoting muscle growth and bone mass in men. It is also responsible for a man’s sex drive.

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When a man’s testosterone level drops, which can happen because of advancing age, illness or bad diet, his muscle growth also decreases.

For bodybuilders, a healthy testosterone level is crucial for effective muscle growth. However, using testosterone boosters that are not from a natural source can impact you negatively. So here are some natural ways to raise your testosterone level:

Zinc-Rich Foods Can Naturally Raise Testosterone Levels

Natural Ways to Boost Testosterone Levels

Bodybuilders aiming at increasing their testosterone levels should include zinc-rich foods in their diets. The mineral zinc is known to actively assist in the production of testosterone and sperm. A bodybuilder whose diet is deficient in zinc will experience a decrease in testosterone production, which he will notice in the form of slow muscle growth.

Nutritional Ways to Boost Testosterone Naturally

Zinc-rich foods include sea-foods such as shellfish, oysters and prawns. Other sources of zinc are organic beef and turkey, beef liver, beans and peas, nuts, roasted pumpkin seeds and dried watermelon seeds. Toasted wheat germ is also a good source of zinc. These can all help to naturally raise your testosterone level.

Supplement with Vitamin B-Complex. Vitamins B5, B6 and B12 are all good for the production of testosterone. You can purchase Vitamin B-Complex supplements from health shops but for the best bodybuilding effect you should obtain your nutrient ingredients from natural foods.

Include foods such as fish, free-range eggs, wheat germ and avocados in your diet to provide your body with the ingredients necessary for healthy testosterone production.

Avoid processed foods. Foods that have been devitalized and contain a lot of sugar and fat are not good for a bodybuilder who wants to maintain a healthy testosterone production. Such foods will decrease his ability to build muscle mass and will lower his libido. Furthermore, they will favor the formation of estrogen over that of testosterone, making it difficult to grow muscle effectively.


Exercises to Naturally Raise Testosterone Levels

Natural Ways to Boost Testosterone Levels
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In your workouts, include exercises that increase testosterone. Following an appropriate weight-training program will help you maintain healthy testosterone levels in your body. Physical activities such as endurance running and weight training will help eliminate excess body fat.

By decreasing the level of fat in your body you will also be increasing the level of testosterone while lowering the production of estrogen. Your body will recognize the need for more muscle mass and strength to cope with the activity. This activity should, of course, be coupled with the correct eating plan.

Supplements to Naturally Raise Testosterone Levels

Always rely on natural bodybuilding supplements to boost testosterone naturally. Dr. Sears’ Primal Force T-Max is a potent natural testosterone supplement that helps your body to safely and effectively produce more testosterone.
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