PriMale Review

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What is PriMale?

PriMale is a potent, natural, male-enhancement supplement that is formulated to deliver the following benefits:

PriMale Male Enhancement Supplement

  •    Improves sexual health and performance
  •    Maximizes energy, stamina and performance in ANY activity
  •    Increases blood flow to ALL areas where needed (Increases Nitric Oxide)
  •    Relaxes blood vessels
  •    Eliminates low testosterone
  •    Boosts immune system
  •    Better gym workouts and faster recovery
  •    Safe and 100% natural

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What are the Ingredients in PriMale?

All of the ingredients in PriMale are 100% natural. They have been selected and combined to enhance your ability and enjoyment in any physical activity. PriMale boosts your manhood!

  • Xanthoparmelia – a lichen successfully used to correct erectile dysfunction
  • Tribulus Terrestris Extract – much used as an aphrodisiac; also helps to regulate testosterone production and promote muscle growth
  • Horny Goat Weed – an ancient Chinese remedy for treating low libido; helps increase blood flow
  • Yohimbe – helps relieve erectile dysfunction; also helps ease sexual side-effects of anti-depressants
  • Agmatine sulfate – a potent version of arginine – increases nitric oxide levels
  • Cordyceps Mushroom Extract– strengthens immune system and increases athletic performance (appears to reduce the effects of aging)
  • Pine Bark Extract – shown in clinical trials (Pycnogenol) to improve sexual functioning in men
  • Pomegranate – believed to benefit cardiovascular conditions and erectile dysfunction
  • Zinc – this crucial mineral is often lacking in people’s diets; in men, a low level results in erectile dysfunction and impotence.

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How Does PriMale Work?

PriMale’s ingredients have been combined in a unique process to maximize a man’s physical and sexual potential. The scientifically-selected ingredients work to relax the erectile tissues of the penis (corpus cavernosum) so that they become engorged with blood when sexual arousal takes place. This allows for surprisingly powerful erections.

The increased nitric oxide in your body helps deliver a strong flow of blood to your muscles. This provides more oxygen and nutrients and a quicker recovery after a workout.

Because PriMale is completely natural, there are no side effects.

Levi R - Testimonial

PriMale testimonial 2

Where to Buy PriMale?

You can safely order PriMale online, using your credit card. You can choose from 3 sizes:

1 bottle primale






PriMale 3-Pack



$140.97   (Save $9)




PriMale 5-Pack


$219.95   (Save $30.00)




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World-Wide Shipping and Guarantee:


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