Types of Low Testosterone Treatment

Types of low testosterone treatment

When a man suspects his testosterone levels might be under par, he might consider what types of low testosterone treatment would be effective in normalizing the situation. Some types of low testosterone treatment have undesirable side-effects while others are downright dangerous.

What is Low Testosterone in Men?

As a man ages, it’s natural for his testosterone production to decline. Low testosterone symptoms for men include feeling physically weak, fatigue, depression, loss of muscle mass and diminished sex drive. All of these are indications of a lack of testosterone.

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Let’s see what types of low testosterone treatment options we have:

  1. Testosterone injections, where synthetic testosterone is injected directly into a muscle, allowing the testosterone to enter the bloodstream;
  2. Testosterone gelsynthetic testosterone which has been added to a gel is applied to the skin daily;  the testosterone is absorbed into the skin. There is also a brand that is applied inside the nose;
  3. Skin patches – a skin patch containing synthetic testosterone is applied to the upper body or arm once a day; the testosterone is absorbed through the skin into the bloodstream;
  4. Mouth patch – a tablet containing synthetic testosterone is positioned in place on the upper gum above the incisors twice a day; it releases testosterone into the bloodstream through the mouth tissues;
  5. Testosterone pills – although synthetic-testosterone pills are available, results indicate that they might be toxic to the liver. The other methods mentioned above get the testosterone into the blood directly and therefore bypass the liver.

Most men experience general improvement from these types of low testosterone treatment but the results vary greatly between them. However, most of the benefits are short-term. Some of the benefits come at a cost, and side-effects of testosterone replacement therapy (TRT) have begun to appear.

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Three of the most common side-effects of TRT are:

  • Issues with vital organs – Heart problems, liver disease and swelling of the limbs have all been reported after courses of TRT.
  • Blood Clots – Unnecessary clotting of blood within the body can lead to deep-vein thrombosis or strokes.
  • Prostate cancer – Research is still in progress but some experts believe that unnatural raising of testosterone levels may increase the possibility of developing prostate cancer.

Undergoing TRT can also make a man infertile, as the body responds by shutting down his natural sperm- and testosterone-producing mechanisms.

Natural Low Testosterone Treatment for Men – the Best Type of Low-Testosterone Treatment

A positive change in lifestyle, a healthy diet and regular resistance training could be helpful in supporting a healthy testosterone level.

There are a number of herbs that boost testosterone naturally. The best way to increase testosterone – so that it’s your own testosterone your body is using – is to take a 100% natural supplement like Prime Male.

It should be clear that of all the types of low testosterone treatment available, there is only one type that is safe, effective and without side effects – a supplement whose ingredients are derived from natural sources that your body can assimilate and utilize.


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